Sunday, 29 January 2012

ELF Studio Make up Mist & Set

ELF Makeup Mist & Set

I wasnt quite sure whether or not to get this product as I hadnt really seen much of this written about but because of the 50% sale i decided to give it a go, and i must say im glad i did. in actual honesty the original price of £3.50 isnt really that bad, it doesnt break the bank especially if you compare this to other products such as mac fix + (i must admit i havent tried that mac product out) 

i use this with my mineral products to then set my makeup, by spraying a light mist about half an arms length away from my face and let it dry naturally. it doesnt take that long to dry but if im in a rush i pat my face with some facial tissues. 

i really wasnt expecting a lot from this product but when i got home from a full days work, my makeup had stayed and looked pretty much the same as my application first thing in the morning. 

i will definitely get this again.

♥ 5/5 ♥


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