Sunday, 29 January 2012

look of the day: Jeweled Eyes

before i begin i must warn you that this post is picture intensive. ive recently bought the book by Rae Morris called MAKEUP the ultimate guide. In this book late last night, i decided to recreate one of the looks which was jewelled eyes. 

there were two palettes i used for my eyes both were from fraulein38. the first one was called 88 COLOURS SUN KISS GOLDEN EYESHADOW PALETTE i used this for the main purple wash on my eyes, and the lovely green on my lower lash line. the second palette was 120 COLOURS RAINBOW SEVEN EYESHADOW PALETTE  i used this for the coral wash just above the eye socket, and the darker/brighter purple i used on my upper lash line.

i also used benefit badgal mascara I suggest adding on false lashes if you want to complete the look, but as I was staying indoors i decided not to. (also i still find it quite tricky applying those lovely silly things) . 

this look was very fun and easy to do. after applying on my eye makeup i then put on my foundation using a mixture of my Nivea tinted moisturiser & ELF Flawless Finish Foundation

this technique was something very different to what id usually do. Doing your eye first avoids wasting time when it comes to fallouts. as when this happens and it falls onto your cheeks and you end up wiping the foundation you've just carefully put on, so, you end up continually wiping it off which wastes a lot of time & ends up ruining your foundation. if you end up messing up your whole eye makeup you can easily take it off and start again, without ruining everything including your foundation. 

secondly, as the book mentions...we women end up allocating the least amount of time doing our eye makeup (especially in the morning) and yet this is what draws people to us first. we end up putting all our energy into putting on foundation which only takes a few minutes to do. 

For my cheeks i used ELF cream blush in tease, ELF Golden Bronzer and on my lips ELF mineral lipstick in barely bitten

let me know if you've tried this technique, if you have this book, any other books/techniques you would recommend. also let me know if there are any other looks you would like me to try out. <3 


Cheeky Chic said...

Hey this is an amazing look. I love bold shades on eyes.Thanks for the tips too ..

Maria said...

Great makeup look!!!Congrats!!!!

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