Sunday, 2 October 2011

ELF 2in1 Conditioning Gloss

2 In 1 Conditioning Gloss

Enjoy 2 benefits in 1 with this Conditioning Gloss. The formula nourishes and moisturizes lips on contact. Infused with nourishing Vitamins A & E and Aloe, as well as moisturizing Shea Butter for rich hydration. The soothing gloss provides sheer color perfection for beautiful looking lips.

Apply liberally to lips as often as needed.

top to bottom: fanatic, super model, vava voom

the packaging

the first time i got these, i wasnt quite sure whether or not there was something wrong with my gloss as the product looked different from that of the website. i thought there might have been a leak, (so i decided to email elf, and enquire.)  but even though i was unsure i wanted to try it out,  after applying this i still think this is a good product.

from elf website:

ELF has given me this response to reassure me:

The item you have received is the new stock of 2 in 1 conditioning lipglosses we have at E.L.F. It is the same product but pre-mixed, with new packaging. We are in the process of updating the images, which is why they appear differently to the website.

i do like this new formulation as there is more of the colour than the clear gloss, and because of this sheerness of this gloss it makes the lips look fuller. the conditioning agent is great as it keeps the lips hydrated. The gloss stays on for hours. 

i decided to try a different way of swatching the products, what do you think of it? ive learnt a new trick when trying lipstick/glosses and decided to try this out with my swatches. swatch the product at the tips of my fingers rather than on the back of my hand because the texture on your hand is different from your lips. the texture on the tips of your fingers are more similar to those your lips. you get a better colour reading by doing this when testing lipstick/glosses. 


Christine said...

Wow, these look super pretty. I think I own one off these and its in the old packaging. Definitely loving the new packaging more :) Great swatches :)

MyDesirables said...

thanks christine. glad you like the swatches, loving your posts, i can learn a lot from you. you're gorgeous too. xx

Velvet said...

Fanatic looks really pretty - I might be tempted next time I make an ELF order. Though I'm on a no-buy at the moment...for as long as I can hold out!

MyDesirables said...

shucks i know, i caved in and did another order with the 20% but im not sure if it was the right decision...

Velvet said...

I hate to enable your obvious addiction (hey, we're in that boat together, right? LOL) but have you tried any of the mineral lip glosses? I really like those, and I'd be interested to read how these Studio ones compare.

Are you ordering more now there's a free-delivery offer on? :-D

MyDesirables said...

hi velvet, i love our little conversations now...looking forward to your messages. i hope to add more posts this weekend.

i didnt do the free delivery offer but i did buy some stuff during the 20% off i need better incentive than free delivery cos my stuff always go over £30 anyways, lol.

i will try more of the mineral ranges during the next offer, i think this will be my next friend, i have normal/combination skin. but once makeup is only i seem to go oily after a couple of hours. i tried my mineral foundation today and i really like it, ill try it out a bit more but i think im onto a winner. which will bring me to buying and trying out a bit of their mineral range. once i do the glosses, i hope you'll read it and let me know what you think.

though i did look around youtube and other blogs, to be honest they dont seem any special. but watch this space.

lovexxxbeauty said...

These look really good, I must try some soon! Good thinking with the new swatches. x

MyDesirables said...

@lovexxxbeauty thanks so much.

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