Saturday, 22 October 2011

ELF Blushing, Bronzing And Blending Brush

Blushing, Bronzing And Blending Brush

this brush is a unique three-in-one brush which allows for precision application of blush, bronzer, and all other multipurpose dusts and loose powders. this being said, this is probably one of my least favourite brush from elf. it isnt dense, so when applying product such as bronzers it doesnt do what it claims to, which is precision application. I have also had a lot of fray hair, even before i tried washing this brush. I have also had a few fall out from it. you can find this product in their essential line, and though it isnt a fave brush, it is only £1.50 so you cant really expect the world from it. (Do you guys have any suggestion for a better brush?)

2 out of 5


Gos said...

got this one long time ago. Bad quality.

MyDesirables said...

Agreed @Gos ! I wont buy that one again

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