Tuesday, 11 October 2011

elf cream blusher

This amazing blush offers the best of both worlds! It smoothes on as a cream for great texture and then transforms into a velvety soft powder finish for long-lasting rich color that’s never greasy! The lightweight, refreshing oil-free formula looks natural and radiates a beautiful glow perfect for all skin types. The soft powder finish can be layered for desired intensity and dimension.

vixen, heart breaker, tease
elf has in total 6 shades of these lovely cream blushers, and to some (including me) may think it is a bit expensive with the tag price of £6.50.  You can find this item on elf's studio range line. Though i said that i find it a bit expensive in their defense there is quite a lot of product in one of these little babies. (15g)

vixen, heart breaker, tease

as pictured, ive got 3 of these in vixen, heart breaker & tease.  as recommended i tried using this with elf's studio stippling brush, but i find this too flimsy and not dense enough for stippling / buffing in. since i got these ive been using this everyday for my work make up. 

vixen, heart breaker, tease

my first love is vixen its a striking colour, but i believe still looks good when blended in well. this is best used for an evening look.  it is deep plum in colour, what wikipedia would describe an cardinal. 

i then moved on to tease which i like even better, this is a good daytime colour; it looks natural. this product has coral/brown/pink shade to it a kind of coral pink tone. 

i havent really used heartbreaker much, i think its too pink for my liking but i know a lot of the other elf dolls recommend this colour. i believe with the right application & blending this can look subtle. 

vixen, heart breaker, tease

vixen, heart breaker, tease

originally i had doubts about this product, ive had cream blushers before and have not really liked it, and with the price the website had provided i was even more unsure. (not because it was £6.50, but because it would have been £6.50 x 3) lol! i knew i wanted to try all three of these shades. Now that i have, im really glad i have them. 

Theyre great value for money, and i know this will last me a long time. i would say though, that this has more of a mousse/powder type of texture rather than cream. 

the product does stay on all day, but i would recommend reapplication after 4-6hrs. 

i give this product 4.5 stars. 


Cheeky Chic said...

I think im liking the heartbreaker..

MyDesirables said...

my fave is tease..

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