Thursday, 20 October 2011

ELF Pressed Powder

Pressed Powder

elf say, the Silky formula melts into the skin for adjustable coverage. Apply alone or over foundation for a flawlessly smooth and natural-looking finish. The portable makeup compact and sponge is convenient for on-the-go touchups.

Apply wet with a sponge for fuller coverage or dry for natural coverage with the sponge to create desired finish.

i like this product, ive got it in almond...i like the packaging the fact that it has a big enough mirror, it also has a 'secret' compartment with a powder puff so you can easily take this around with you and freshen up  if you need to.

i like to use this product with a buffing brush so that i can seal my make up when im using a liquid type of foundation, the only problem ive got when i do this is that a lot of product comes off.

occasionally i use the powder puff when im a bit of a hurry and i just want to even out my complexion. when i use this technique for application its really great for packing on the product and makes your pores look smaller/reduced. (this is a tip i got off gossmakeup on youtube) 

there are no smells with this product. it has a matte look to it and stays on for a good 4-8hours i would say before you need to blot your skin and reapply this. 

ive also seen somewhere that if you find your right shade with the pressed powder that this will go hand in hand with elf's flawless foundation. (I havent tried this with the same shade though, but i have used it with the flawless foundation) I always believe in making the most of what youve got. 

this is from elf's studio range worth £3.50 i think this is a nifty thing good quality product, mirror, powder puff, great packaging.

i would give this product 4 out of 5. 


Cheeky Chic said...

Nice product.thank goodness it has a mirror.isnt this shade a lil darker for u?

MyDesirables said...

it is a tad dark for me, but i dont mind. i blend and buff it in,and seems good enough, i will try a lighter shade next time. x

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