Sunday, 2 October 2011

elf tinted moisturizer spf15

Tinted Moisturiser Spf 15

SPF 15 formula helps combat premature aging and protects against sun damage while leaving skin radiant and lightly hydrated. 


Blend a pearl-sized amount into skin and neck daily.

spice, honey, apricot beige

My thoughts..

a little bottle of delight for just £1.50, great handbag size. the only thing is, you really need to find your right shade because the elf website doesn't have decent swatches by just looking at the product pictures. I honestly thought spice was my colour when i was looking at the site, but it must be 3-4 shades darker than my colour. 

this blends in real well has a sweet orange smell, which i dont mind. it feels light on the skin. 

below are swatches of the 3 tinted moisturizers that i purchased off the ELF UK website. 

those are my thoughts, whats yours? 


Christine said...

These look great, I haven't tried these out yet :)

MyDesirables said...

you really should, thanks for following my blog, already following yours xx

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