Friday, 16 September 2011

30 Day Challenge? (non consecutive)

i thought id put some of this 30 day challenge here on my blog, give you all a little insight of me.

Day 01 → Something you hate about yourself.

hmmm, what an opener....hate is such a strong word. i am sure there are things about myself that i hate, just cant think of it on the spot. i tried to get some help from my husband, and asked him the question. a little bit too quickly he answered "your patience". i gave myself a few moments to think about this, and since i couldn't really think of anything else and this post will have to go up i have to admit to my bad habit of impatience. and i do agree i hate it.

actually i can have all the patience in the world, i think. such as wait in the airport 18hours for a connecting flight, arriving at the bus stop early so i dont miss my ride etc. but as soon as the time comes up and its time to go, well ITS TIME TO GO! even if any of these scenarios were just a few minutes late i find myself pacing back and forth in annoyance. if an idea crops up in my head ive got to do it right away otherwise it will just niggle at the back of my head until i get it done. i always tell my husband off for moving too slow, all this because im impatient.

anyways, im going to have to go, i still have work tomorrow. im still getting to grips with all this blogging. please bear with me, and join me on my journey. :) xx


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