Monday, 19 September 2011

last ever elf 50% sale

this is what i got in the last sale...i cant wait to get it, its my birthday this week and i cant wait to get all these lovely goodies.

im looking forward to trying out the facial whips and tinted moisturizers, i always see good reviews on this. what was in your basket? and what are you looking forward to trying out the most?


Kerri_Jane said...

Nice purchasing. Happy birthday for next week. Im leaving my next purchase for when they have all the new stock in :D plus this offer ended today when i get paid tomorrow :( however i heard the beauty baron page is going to have an extended offer for it x

Velvet said...

I love ordering stuff for myself around my birthday - it feels like extra pressies. :-D

I took advantage of the sale, and I'm expecting the parcel tomorrow. Among other things, I ordered the Studio tinted moisturiser, a large brush holder, a couple of Mineral eyeshadows, a couple of duo cream shadows and another Studio conditioning SPF15 lip balm. Have you tried those? They're surprisingly pigmented for balms, and smell like coconut. I really like them!

What do you think of the Barely Bitten lippy? I have a few of the Mineral lipsticks - I really like them and Barely Bitten is one of my favourite "night out" shades.

Great haul, you spent just a couple of pounds more than me! :-D

MyDesirables said...

kerri_jane thanks for the greeting, its this friday and im already having the best week ever. im so excited bout the new products, i saw the cream blush today, and i really want some...but i find it too dear at the moment, im going to have to wait for a sale of some sort. i guess its a good thing for now, give my pockets some time to breathe. x

MyDesirables said...

velvet, absolutely...its the first time in a while ive bought myself something for my birthday. I love everything ive got feels like little treats every single one ive opened.

elf was really nice to me, in the past when the sales came up and i place my order on the sunday i dont get it till the saturday because of the delay, which they mention anyways. but this week i decided to email them on tuesday just to try my luck and see if theyd send it sooner in time for my big day, and guess what....they did. i got it this morning, wednesday...theyre just ace.

i love the studio tinted moisturiser. i bought another as backup. i also got the £1.50 range, but the one i tried on today was too dark, so i mixed it with the flawless foundation in sand (too light), and so like i said i decided to mix it and the photos are up on
i know a lot of people like the flawless foundation, but i find it too dewey and sticky, ive only tried it 3 times just to see and come up with a proper opinion. and i think at the moment i prefer my barbara daly one, that you can get from tescos. i use this for work every day and i find its long lasting doesnt leave me with an oily feeling even after hours on. but ill review that another time.

id like to get the large brush holder as i seem to be accumulating a few now, but forgot to get it during the sale.

i love the mineral eyeshadows, i got them during of their special offers and for 10 of the eyeshadows free and i will be using them this weekend.

i also tried the duo eyeshadow. im not quite sure what i think of this yet. when i swatch it on my hand i absolutely love it. but its doesnt seem to apply the same way on my eyes, or is that just me? whats been your experience?

the lips range of elf is probably my favourite. ive only got one of the studio SPF15 lip bamls, and i do like it but i think i prefer the therapeutic conditioning balm.

my fave of the lip range though are the minty lip gloss, theyre just lovely. especially for work you feel like youve got fresh breath throughout. they last long too, but a few applications are needed just to top up.

i got the barely bitten too, and they are nice but i prefer the posh one for myself personally. have you tried this shade?

well, i think this reply is long enough...:D
it feels like a review all on its own. hahah! good night x

Velvet said...

Well, these 2 cream shadows are the first I've ordered, so I can't comment yet! I actually don't expect them to perform that well on their own (maybe I'm being pessimistic), but I plan to use them over the mineral primer (love it) and under the mineral eyeshadows, to help the colours to stick and maybe intensify them. I have a big masquerade party coming up in a couple of weeks and want my eye makeup to be really striking! :-)

Haven't tried "Posh" because isn't it one of the "standard" range lipsticks? I've heard they're pretty hard in texture, and I love the creamy, balm-ish feel of the mineral ones. I might consider it for a future purchase after your recommendation...though after 4 (ahem...yes, 4) orders in a month, I really should put any more purchases on hold for a while. Like, maybe the next decade. ;-)

Have a wonderful birthday, and post piccies!

MyDesirables said...

velvet, i dont mind the standard range, i have 2 in that range now, and i use them for my day to day wear at the office. (i work in a bank, and i have a customer facing roles) and them seem to stay on a while. i do usually have to put another application on after my lunch, but doesnt everyone? ;)

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