Wednesday, 21 September 2011

take two for an evening look

i cant help it, i wanna play with my make i tried out what i had in mind to liven up my makeup and make it look more like an evening look.

here is my previous post:

so, this is what i did...

blush in mellow mauve

mineral eyeshadow in sassy
mineral eyeshadow in seductive

plumping lip glaze in ruby kiss

i think this looks much better in person that in the photo, the colours on the photos doesnt quite pop out as much...what do you think?? any suggestions?


kjs10sophie said...

lovely look hun and i'll certainly support you when you start your youtube channel, I will be posting many more videos, stay tuned, please subscribe also :)

MyDesirables said...

done and done sophie! im sure ill be seeing more of you.

Velvet said...

Ooh, very glam! :-)

MyDesirables said...

thanks, try it out! just use the same technique and products. just choose the shades that work better for your skin tone. enjoy it, thats what elf is for you can easily buy more with their prices. (maybe not just set after 3 consecutive sales. )

Velvet said...

Funny you should say that - my big box o' joy arrived a while ago, so I'm now wearing very similar eyes (mineral eyeshadow in "Enchanting" plus an Everyday Minerals shade called "Allspice") to go with my new ELF mineral lipgloss in "Sorority Girl". I feel like a glam mummy. :-D

MyDesirables said...

well done hot momma! dont forget to post some pictures, share the love!

Velvet said...

I'm actually thinking of starting up a beauty blog/YouTube vlog when my little boy starts nursery soon - I'll have a bit more time then, and half a chance of using my camera and camcorder in peace! Problem is, I'm somewhat older (at the grand old age of 38) than most other beauty bloggers, but meh, maybe that'll appeal to some of the not-so-spritely crowd. :-D

MyDesirables said...

no velvet, dont let that put you down. in fact, you are probably more in demand out there because there arent a lot of your age group around (according to you), have you seen modernandmature on youtube?

this is pixiwoo's mom, and i just love looking at her video's from time to time. so, keep going for it. and ill be sure to follow :)

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