Friday, 16 September 2011

Cream Eyeliner NEW - Gunmetal - Brush Included

right, my first review...ELF cream eyeliner in gunmetal. id like to start to off by saying that i absolutely love elf products, i think theyre great value for money, and definitely feeds my makeup addiction ;)

but this cream eyeliner i think is probably my least favorite product. i like the fact that elf includes a brush with their cream eyeliners, i think its so cute. i tried applying on my hand first of all and I got quite excited, like its name it looks like gunmetal, shimmery & quite silvery black. i did have to apply more than one coat though.

so, the test had been done...time to apply it on my eyes. this time i wasn't so impressed. even after 4 coats it just wasn't applying well. i could hardly see the gunmetal. i have tried using this item around 3 times, and each time i just ended up putting one of my other liquid liners on top of it. on the box it says its smudge proof, and this is true. its not easy rubbing off or washing the liner off my hand & eyes.

so, let me recap.

the colour: looked really good, everytime i look in the pot i think "awesome colour"
application: i find it a bit greasy, and possibly more than one coat needed.
the good: comes with a cute free angled brush
rating: 3/10


Nina said...

Im an elf-a-holic too lol the e.l.f cream liner in black is incredible by sister is awful sometimes in sleeping with her makeup on i applied this on her one night she woke up it never budged and it stay on all the next day :) brilliant for £3.50

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good look with your blog i surely will follow you all the way

MyDesirables said...

thanks nina, i do follow your blog too. great insight on a lot of your reviews. i agree most of their stuff are great, i just have a feeling with his particular one i got may have been old stock, because it isnt consistent with all the other stuff ive had from them. but it wont sway my away from elf i <3 it!

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