Sunday, 25 September 2011

elf lip stains review & swatches

ELF Lip Stain

Achieve full coverage that lasts for hours with this long-wear formula. Enjoy silky matte color or layer on the moisturizing clear gloss for a shiny look. With key Vitamins A & E your lips stay smooth all day long.


Apply the Stain to bare lips and allow to dry for a matte finish. Apply the clear gloss on top of the color for a shiny effect and to moisturize the lips if needed. Remove with any oil or cream based makeup remover or cleanser.

I have four of these now, red carpet, first date, heart breaker, and mysterious.

I love elf, and i think most of their products are great, but this is probably my least favourite. 

I think the lipstain are really messy to apply on, theyre also watery. nothing like the other lipstain products that i seem to be seeing out in the market at the moment, but this is my opinion. 
I have more than enough in this range, if at all i get to use them. i dont think i will be buying anymore of these from elf. i will stick to the glosses and the "standard" lipstick, and "mineral" lipstick range, which give the same long lasting results as these do.  but hey, here are my swatches.

what are your experiences with elf's lipstain? should I give it another chance? any other recommendations?



Cheeky Chic said...

that was helpful.liked shades of first date & heartbreaker.Are they also from the $1 range??

MyDesirables said...

these are actually from the ELF UK Studio range, and they sell for £3.50, but i got mine during their recent 50% sale, so a real bargain. xx

thanks cheeky chic for commenting, i hope you continue to follow, and more posts to come ;)

Velvet said...

What's the point of a lip "stain" if the normal/mineral lipstick has the same staying power? The texture of them looks really strange too, except for the "red carpet" one, which is a shame because lipstains in general are a great idea for women like me who rush around all the time and don't have a chance to retouch. I think I'll be leaving these. Good review. x

MyDesirables said...

exactly my point. i cant remember whose blog i left my comment on these to, but basically i bought first date, during my first elf purchase. really did not like it. said i wouldnt buy it again. thinking it was gloss that i bought. when i saw lipstain again, i decided to get the other 3, and as soon i clicked on purchase...i realised the mistake i had made and bought more from the range i didnt really like. but hey, what can you do?? write a blog i guess.. xx

Velvet said...

On the bright turned a waste of money for you into an education for all of us. :-D

MyDesirables said...

ah indeed. what new stuff have you got lately?

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