Monday, 26 September 2011

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash Curlers, it may be basic knowledge to a lot of girls out there but up until a few months ago and really got into my makeup I never really realised the importance of having great curled lashes. 

here is my review and opinion on the curlers that i own, i have 6 in total. 

QVS Eyelash Curler

this is my first purchase of an eyelash curler, i was in superdrug one day and wanted to get a cheap eyelash curler, i already owned one but it was one of those plastic travel type ones (more on this below) and i saw the QVS on the shelf, i believe they were around £3 with an extra set of those rubber protective bands, and thought, what the heck...they must all be the same and for this price, who cares.

WRONG! these were just horrible and useless. they didnt fit my eye shape at all, no matter how many times i crimped it just didnt curl my lashes very well, if at all. I hate products like this, why make them in the first place. 

ELF  Mini Eyelash Curlers

Elf say that the mini curlers are used to curl lashes individually and precisely. I just wanted to get these out of curiosity, i mean you never know till you try it, right? now that i have them, i can honestly say that i have no i real use for it. i believe that if you've got good curlers, you wont need one of these.

ELF Eyelash Curlers

"Create gorgeous curled lashes that appear larger and more defined with this sleek design. Use the larger curler to curl all lashes simultaneously. - elf"

i was expecting quite a bit from this. The curlers fit the shape & socket of my eyes quite well, but unfortunately i was disappointed. there isnt enough spring, to the whole thing. so, yes it curled my lashes but i have better ones. 

SHU UEMURA Eyelash Curler

i bought these from ebay, i have heard great reviews about the product and wanted to try them out. but most of them were quite pricey. these were only 99p, which makes me think that they aren't genuine. but i thought, for that price i didn't really have a lot to lose. i did contact the seller and asked if they were genuine, i was told they were genuine made in china factory. arent everything made in china? :S i know, im a bit naughty for getting this, but its for my own personal use im not asked to endorse anything or am i selling the product. 

after all that spiel, what do i think? well i love it, and for weeks this is what i used on a day to day basis. it fits my eyes well, there is just enough spring to it, i was able to keep it as close to my lids as possible, to give maximum curl. most importantly, it stayed for hours. 

REVLON Travel/Compact Eyelash Curler

this is the first set of eyelash curlers that ive owned. i got this from my gorgeous sister-in-law, i honestly dont know where she got it from and it did not come individually but in fact in a little travel kit, with things like tweezers, nail cutter and a silver/metal nail file. 

It may take some time getting used to the curler's small size and non-traditional design. but it did curl my lashes quickly and it made them appear fuller and more defined. It also curled every single one of my lashes. 

but my favourite curlers, of all after much consideration and with the help of a lot of my lovely elf dolls on the elf FB page, i am so glad i tried the...

ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curlers

this innovative eyelash curler has a special curved design which angles to suit all eye shapes. its silicone rubber pad applies the appropriate amount of pressure to curl lashes naturally and allows for damage-free heating. Get long lasting curled lashes both easily and safely. 

my kitty chiro, appoves this message. x


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