Saturday, 22 October 2011

ELF Stipple brush, Eyeliner brush & Blending Eye brush

ive got 3 brushes in the picture below so ill talk about each one...Stipple brush, eyeliner brush & blending eye brush. 

Stipple Brush

this is part of the studio line with a price tag of £3.50 The layered bristles create a soft airbrushed look that's perfect for applying foundation or adding colour definition to cheekbones or highlighting with soft layers. Use this brush with any liquid or powder face product such as foundation, blush or bronzer to build your coverage from sheer to heavy. 

elf also suggest to use this with their cream blusher, and this is because it picks up just the right amount of product. and i do like this brush, but i find it a bit flimsy probably because i dont find it dense enough i think the bristles  are a tad too long so if you were wanting to buff in your product i dont think this is the brush to use.

Eyeliner Brush

for £1.50 from their essential line, i think this is a decent push liner brush for the inner and outer lash line. there isnt much to say say really about this brush, does what it says. if i compare this with their mineral range though, i prefer the size of this but i prefer the "stiffness" of the bamboo brush.

stipple brush 3 out 5, eyeliner brush 3  out of 5, blending brush 2.5 out of 5

Blending Eye Brush

I am have mixed reaction to this brush, i would have given this a 5 out 5 if i got the same type of brush as i did the first time. i now own 3 of these, and it was because i loved my first set it felt dense had a stiffness that was great for blending and yet soft at the same time. I decided to get another, the 2nd set i got seemed like the hair fibres were a bit too long, so to me can be a bit flimsy and splays out, when you blend gets quite messy because they arent so densely compact. which is why i bought a 3rd set hoping id be 3rd time lucky, but it was the same as my 2nd set so, my overall verdict is a 2.5 out of 5.


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